Our Mission

Christy Richards

Christy Richards is a trainer, energy healer, life coach, and published author. Her teachings are devoted to helping others relieve stress from their lives and find inner peace and fulfillment while staying "present" in the now. Her healing work, done in person or long distance, assists people to find their own unique healing paths in their lives.


Christy earned an associate degree in applied science from Shawnee State College in Ohio and a Bachelor's Degree in Brennan Healing Science from The Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Florida. She has published two books, a children's book "Jacob and his Angels" and a book on her year abroad titled "Taking a Year Off."

Trisha Farrar

Trisha Farrar is a trainer, life coach and has worked in the counseling and education and has been devoted to helping others become their best selves while living a happy and productive life. 

Trisha earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications at Ohio University and is a graduate of the John Glenn Leadership Program at the Oho State University.  She is a certified prevention consultant, meditation instructor and licensed chemical dependency counselor.