Energy Healing

Everything is energy, so as we go about our day our personal energy fields are in constant movement as we encounter everything from other peoples energy to the electromagnetic fields. 

If our self care is not at its best as with many of us it is not, we develop anywhere from slow sluggish energy movement to blocks in our fields that can greatly affect us if not addressed. To be our optimum self we need to bring this into balance. 

During our sessions together we will not only work with the energy field, bringing in balance and opening the flow, we will also look at other areas of your life to bring all aspects into balance creating a holistic healing approach. We may address your family life, family history, your career, and your diet.

The first part of the appointment we will discuss different aspects of your life journey and then do the energy healing followed by a short discussion on the healing and anything that might need further attention.

The energy healing if done in person you will be on a massage table, fully clothed, and I will start at your feet typically,  gently placing my hands on different energy points as I work my way up to your head bringing your field into balance and working in areas that may also need attention. This may also be done at a distance as well.

The sessions typically run 50 minutes, and are $80.00 per session

Energy Healing - Call for Availability
1 hr