Robert Owsley, LMT

 Licensed Massage Therapist

Having a passion for therapy, I graduated from Hocking College Massage and Physical Therapy Programs with an understanding of muscle, joint, and body care. This blend of physio and manual therapies provided me with the tools to assess and treat tissue. I have been on this path since 2017, learning trigger point therapy, joint care, cupping massage, hot stones, and deep tissue techniques to provide for your needs.

Before and while attending school, I worked in a veterinarian clinic as a vet tech administering medications, assisting in surgeries, and as a phlebotomist. I also rehabilitated various wildlife and continue to do so when the opportunity is presented. During the end of my schooling, I also worked part time at a nursing home. Care and compassion have been a big part of my life! 

Apart from work, my hobbies include writing, painting, photography, reading...and learning! Rather your aching or just stressed, come see Inner Wisdom and Wellness and let us learn how to assist you!