Yoga is an ancient practice that is quite popular due to it's benefits for the mind, body and spirit in today's hectic world.  Yoga provides a retreat from the daily chaos and offers numerous mental and physical benefits.

There are many types of yoga. At Inner Wisdom Wellness, we currently offer the following types of Yoga:


Hatha Yoga is a combination of many styles and is one of the most popular styles.  It is a more physical form that begins with centering and uses breath while incorporating asanas, or poses and ends with savasana, or resting period.  Hatha yoga increases physical flexibility and strength while relaxing the mind.

Pranayama Yoga is another form of yoga that allows for attention to focus on the breath and restore cognitive performance and sleep.  Pranayama Yoga consists of synchronizing the breath with movements between asanas (poses) but is also distinct breathing exercise on its own.  

Class Offerings:

Hatha Yoga

Tuesdays at 6:00pm with Yogi  Robyn 

Enjoy your first class for free

 $30 for 4 sessions 

Pranayama Yoga 

Saturdays at 9:00am to 10:00am with Yogi 

Enjoy your first class for free

Ryann  $30 for 4 sessions 


Kids Yoga Ages 7 - 13           June 12 - July 31

Saturdays 10:30 to 11:10

with Yogi Ryann

Kids can enjoy their first session for free

$49 for 7 sessions 

Call for family discounts

We also offer In Cabin Yoga with advance reservation.  Please call, text or complete form for further information.

Health and Safety are our first priority!  Classes are limited for distancing and space is well ventilated and

sanitized regularly.

Please call (740) 603-3399 for further information and to register.